SafeGrain Partners with iGrain as Exclusive North American Distributor and Manufacturer, Expands Portfolio to Include Digital Technology

DAYTON, OH (Jan. 25, 2024) – SafeGrain, a leading innovator in grain quality monitoring solutions, has secured the North American manufacturing and distribution rights for iGrain’s digital monitoring product suite, bringing advanced grain and bulk storage quality monitoring capabilities to customers in the United States, Canada, and Mexico. In return, iGrain will distribute SafeGrain’s hazard monitoring controls internationally.

“This strategic partnership will position SafeGrain as the leader in grain monitoring technology,” said Zach Carr, president and CEO of SafeGrain. “With our 70 years of history, we will seamlessly integrate the manufacturing and distribution of iGrain’s digital products into our technologically advanced portfolio.” 

The company’s portfolio will expand to include fan automation, All-in-One sensor cables for simultaneously monitoring temperature, moisture, and CO2, and digital temperature sensor cables. In addition, SafeGrain’s new dashboard manager and smart app will provide operators with on-demand data for accurate inventory management decision making.

“The addition of these products rounds out SafeGrain’s portfolio to offer both analog and digital solutions for grain quality management and gives customers the option to select the solution that best fits their facility’s needs,” said Carr, who has made many enhancements to SafeGrain since purchasing the company in 2022. “We are honored to be a trusted partner to many farms and grain companies, helping them to ensure safe, quality operations for years to come.” 

This strategic partnership and product portfolio expansion position SafeGrain to offer customers the most complete collection of hazard monitoring and quality control solution systems in North America. 

iGrain is a Denmark-based company with more than 20 years of practical and research experience in advanced grain monitoring and control solutions.

About Safe Grain

Since 1954, SafeGrain has been a global leader in supplying and manufacturing quality control and hazard monitoring equipment in the agricultural industry for both commercial and farm sectors.  SafeGrain’s products include grain aeration equipment, grain temperature monitoring, dust control and hazard monitoring sensors and controls for level management, alignment, bearing, temperature and motion.