SafeTrack Wireless Grain Monitor System

SafeTrack is a complete solution for monitoring your commodity temperatures. The SafeTrack system provides simple, accurate and fast grain monitoring.

SafeTrack in action

•  Wireless radio options greatly minimized conduit and installation cost.
•  Lighting fast and easy to use scanning and reporting.
•  Clear graphics for at-a-glance analysis.
•  Modular components make servicing and future expansion a snap.
• Remote viewing, scanning and reporting over the Internet.
• Data viewing and report access using a using browser or on the cloud via Dropbox.
•  Over 500 SafeTrack systems are installed worldwide.
•  Translations available for the customers desired language.
• Wireless relay modules to control roof exhaust fans based on temperature.

Data scanning, analyzing, reporting and archiving is quick and easy.

  • Extremely rugged thermocouple cables
  • Digital signals for accuracy and reliability
  • Approximate grain level and volume measurements
  • Automatic exhaust fan control with optional Relay Control Module
  • Temperature graphing to plot trends
  • Manual and scheduled scanning and reporting
  • Ohms testing for cable integrity check
  • Detailed audit trail
  • Automatically text message alerts and email reports
  • Modbus ASCII for direct PLC connectivity