Portable: SSD and DTL Handheld Units

SafeScan Digital

The latest generation portable reading instrument.
Easy to read full color display.
Saves the 7 most recent temperature scans and an Ohms scan.
Battery powered, rugged IP67 case.
Padded carry case included.
Optional SafeTrack cable for reading SafeTrack Scanners.

SafeScan Software

• Download, View, Graph and Analyze data from the SSD handheld scanner.
• Data Graphing and analysis for quick spotting of trouble areas.
• User-configurable high-temperature setpoint.

SafeScan Digital

SafeScan Digital

DTL in action

Easy to use scanning. No more hand-writing your data.
Each thermocouple temperature is displayed.
OHMs measuring for cable troubleshooting and integrity testing.
Easy to configure and make changes.

DataTrack Software

• A clean and simple interface makes downloading data to your PC effortless.
• Easy to read graphics.
• Data Graphing for quick spotting of trouble areas.

Central Reading Station

Safe-Grain enclosures are the best on the market. We feature true military spec reading plugs and the most secure “leadwire” fastening method in the industry.
Heavy duty NEMA 12-13 boxes feature cable and bin identification.
Compare our unit to any other and see why Safe-Grain is # 1.