RadarTrack™ Continuous Level Monitoring

RadarTrack is an advanced non-contact radar level sensor for all powders, liquids and bulk commodities.

RadarTrack sensors are ideal for high-precision continuous level sensing of granular and powder product in hopper or flat bottom, round, square and interstice bins and silos.
Applicable Industries: Grain, Food, Cement and Aggregates, Plastics, Wood and others.


RadarTrack in action

Best features in the industry
Extremely Rugged and sealed design for total reliability.

Integrates Easily with the SafeTrack software, a PLC or a remote panel-display.
Wireless options for cost saving SafeTrack™ integr

Removable LCD Display for easy programming and reading.
Hazardous Location Approvals: CSA/FM Class II Div 1 Grp E, F, G;
CSA/FM Class I Div 2 Grp A, B, C, D, T4; IECEx; ATEX II 1D, 1/2D, 2D


Typical 30° roof installation


  • Optimized 78 Ghz and narrow 4° beam
  • Measuring range up to 131′ [40 m]
  • Optional range up to 328′ [100 m]
  • Immune to extreme dust and high temperatures
  • Flat, aiming and sloped-roof mounting flanges
  • Analog 4-20mA output, loop powered (24VDC)
  • RS-485 output with optional “Interface Module”
  • Simple installation and commissioning
  • No moving parts for maintenance free operation






“…the big deal is it fully integrates with our SafeTrack™ wireless temperature detection system. That way we save on radios, wiring, power supplies, basically the hardware an
d software platforms….”  S. Chant, President



SafeTrack information display

Optional panel meter display –  multiple sizes to choose from