Remote Display for RadarMax™

Monitor Your Product, Anytime, Anywhere

Remote display for RadarMax
Remote display for RadarMax
  • 4-Digit, large 7/8” tall digits.
    • Inquire about a 5-digit model.
  • Fully programmable.  Examples:
    • %Full or %Empty: 100.0%, 89.7%, 1.9%
    • Feet-to-Full or Feet-to-Empty:  98.7’, 1.2’, 101.7’  (if a scan over 100’ works, it will be displayed)
    • Ton: 290.6 ton, 9870 ton, or 20.44 “1000 ton” (20,442 ton)
    • Bushels: 29.13 “1000 bushel” (29,129 bu.), 729.4 “1000 bushel” (729,368 bu.).
  • Operates in 2 modes:
    • Standalone “Master” mode where the display is the controller and actively scans a RadarMax.
    • “Echo” mode listens to and displays the data going between the RadarMax and a PLC or the RadarTrack software.
      Echo mode is used for solar-powered units.
  • Outputs
    • Contains 2 high power output relays.
    • For alert horns and lights, PLC input and equipment interlock.
    • Fully programable setpoints.
    • Contacts: 5A@250VAC, SPDT, resistive load.
  • 6”x6”x5” enclosure. Larger enclosures can hold multiple displays. May also be mounted in your control panel (hole: 3.6” wide x 1.75” high)
  • Power: Enclosure contains a 120VAC power supply (optional if external 12-24VDC power is available).
  • Radios:
    • Communications: RS-485 Modbus ASCII/RTU, hardwired or radios.
    • Master Mode: uses a Server Radio.
    • Echo Mode: must be hardwired to its RadarMax’s client radio, or hardwired to the server radio.