RadarMax™ Continuous Level Monitoring


Monitor Your Product, Anytime, Anywhere

RadarMax is an advanced, non-contact, high-precision radar level sensor. It is ideal for continuous level sensing of granular, powder and liquid product in round, square and interstice bins, hopper or flat bottom, silos and tanks.

Applicable Industries: Grain Storage and Processing, Feed Mills, Cement and Aggregates, Plastics, Processed Wood and others.

RadarMax™ System in action

Accurate level measurement and extremely fast refresh rate.
Radio connectivity for cost saving installation.
SolarMax solar power option for true wireless operation.
Handheld Display for convenient aiming and installation.
Internal battery can power RadarMax during installation.
Enclosure: “Dust-Tight” enclosure for Class II, Div. 2 hazardous
locations. UL Rated NEMA: 3S, 4X, 12, 13
; IP-68.
RadarTrack PC Software option provides advanced features:
» Remote Viewing on Android, iPhone and web browsers.
» Automatic Alerts via text message, email and output relays.
» Reports and Graphing. No cloud subscription needed.

  • Maximum sensing distance: 100’ (30m).
  • Immune to dust and high temperatures.
  • Optimized 60 Ghz and narrow 6° radar beam.
  • Easy aiming on flat and sloped roofs.
  • Simple installation: Only requires a 2.5” [63cm] hole and 4 screws.
  • Hinged mounting plate for easy inspection.
  • Compact 5” x 5“ x 3.6” (124x124x91mm) PC/PBT housing.
  • Direct PLC integration over RS-485 Modbus ASCII/RTU.
  • Remote Display Panel Meter
    • Fully programable display shows level or volume data at one or many locations.
    • Can operate in standalone mode or in “echo” mode together with a PLC or PC RadarTrack software.
    • Includes 2 output relays for alarms, PLC input, and equipment interlocking.
Click the image to view a simulation of the RadarTrack Window PC software in action with RadarMax Continuous Level Sensors.