Fan Noise Suppressor

Grain storage facilities like to be good neighbors, and sometimes that means reducing the noise generated by aeration fans.

Safe-Grain, Inc. is an experienced designer of custom fan noise suppressors using standard components. We do this routinely, and can provide a custom solution to meet the requirements of your applications. Typical noise reduction is 1.1 dba per foot of suppressor at 10-ft from the fan.

Noise suppressors are constructed with galvanized double-wall pipe, flanged ends for easy assembly, a galvanized weather cap and optional bird screen.

Call or email with the details of your fan model and location, and tell us what you’d like to achieve.

Noise suppressor on 75 HP centrifugal fan.
Noise suppressor on 75 HP centrifugal aeration fan.
Noise suppressor is designed to be connected to the aeration fan intake with minimal restriction of airflow.

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