Motion Sensors

Maxi-Tronic motion sensors simplify sensor placement on your bucket elevators, drag conveyors, screw conveyors, and other rotating equipment.

Maxi-Tronic provides a standalone model with a built in controller, or you may combine a motion sensor with a remote controller or PLC to provide under-speed detection with dual-setpoint 10% and 20% slowdown relay outputs, digital speed display, audible and and visible alarm indicators.

Which one do I need?

Which Motion Sensor Do I need?
EZMount™ EZMount™ 21 EZ 521 EZ RPM EZ DM


The EZ RPM is a basic pulse sensor to provide RPM signal for PLC, Modbus or MaxiScan 24+. Appearance and mounting are the same as other EZ devices.


The EZ DM is a digital RPM sensor used in combination with a DigiMax hazard monitoring system. The appearance and mounting are the same as other EZ products.