Hazard Monitoring

Serving the commercial and agricultural conveying industries with level, motion, alignment, temperature, and hazard monitoring hardware and software.

Maxi-Tronic has offered hazard monitoring products and services for material handling equipment since 1976.

The MaxiTrack predictive maintenance system with wireless monitors, auto alarm text messaging, and minute-by-minute system history tracking.

Included are motion sensors and controls, belt tracker and rub block belt misalignment sensors, hot bearing and gear reducer temperature monitors, PLC and PC input conditioning, maintenance run time hour meters, and UL labeled systems.

  • Hazard Monitoring Controllers
    • DigiMax™ – Maxi-Tronic’s state-of-the-art digital hazard monitoring system for your materials handling facility.
    • MaxiScan 12 – for up to 12 sensor input and display.
    • MaxiScan 12M – for up to 12 sensors plus motion with display.
    • MaxiScan 24+ – up to 144 input sensors including motion, with display. Digital and / or analog sensors.
  • Hazard Monitoring Software
    • MaxiTrack – monitor, track and record your hazard systems from the office or remotely.
  • Motion Sensors – monitor and respond to underspeed conditions, monitors, controllers, MaxiScan, MaxiTrack, or PLC in non-hazardous or Class II, Div. 1, Group E,F,G locations.
  • Temperatures SensorsHB bearing inserts, FlatPack surface mount lugs, gearbox plugs – locations where rotating equipment temperatures are important. For non-hazardous or Class II, Div. 1, Group E,F,G locations.
  • Belt Misalignment SensorsBeltTracker™ and RB21™ Rub Block sensors, hinged for easy access and inspection. For non-hazardous or Class II, Div. 1, Group E,F,G locations.
  • Flow / No Flow Sensor – FM200 Flow Monitor and Control monitors flow conditions of most solids. Non-invasive and easy to mount to the outside of pipes and chutes