RB21™ Belt Misalignment Sensors

Maxi-Tronic has the industry leading controls, sensors, service and experience to provide complete hazard monitoring and control systems for your facility. Maxi-Tronic belt misalignment sensors are ideal for bucket elevators, belt conveyors, rotary drums, food processing and other material handling equipment.

Maxi-Tronic “RB21™” Sensors monitor for belt misalignment conditions on bucket elevators, belt conveyors, rotary drums and other material handling equipment.


RB21™ Sensors in Action

  • Hinged mounting plate for quick inspection.
  • Round sensor for simplified installation.
  • 2 1/2” round brass sensing disc.
  • Integral 1/2” NPT conduit fitting.
  • Cordgrips are available for non-conduit installations. Low voltage cables available with integrated armor.
  • CSA certified maximum ambient temperature rating: 221°F (105°C). Minimum temp.: -40°F (-40°C).

Available Sensor Types:

  • Thermocouple*: Type T standard, others available.
  • RTD*: Industry standard PT100 four-conductor.
  • PTC Thermistor*: “HBRB” and MaxiScan compatible.
  • DigiMax™ Digital*: “1-Wire” digital for DigiMax, PLC, MaxiScan 12/12M Controllers, MaxiTrack PC software and other makes of “1-Wire” digital controllers.
  • Temperature Switch: 120VAC 1A rated contacts, N/O or N/C, 105°F to 265°F set-points available. UL Rated Cable: PLTC-ER (Exposed Run), CMG.
    *Class II, Div. 1 Intrinsically Safe when installed with approved barrier, such as the Maxi-Tronic DigiMax BC-1 Barrier Converter.

For an instant-sensing push-button-style belt misalignment sensor see the BeltTracker™ CSA certified Class II Div. 1 sensor!

RB21 Specs:

  • Extremely rugged design.
  • Fast reacting sensor for continuous monitoring.
  • Compact size: 5.25? x 3.25? (135 x 83 mm)
  • “Simple Apparatus” fir Intrinsically Safe installations with an approved barrier.
  • CSA certified Class II, Div. 1, Groups E,F,G
  • Industry standard TC, RTD, PTC, Temperature Switch and “1-Wire” digital sensors for industry wide compatibility.
  • Easy installation and low maintenance.
  • Fully compatible with PLCs, DigiMax™, MaxiScan 12/24+ controllers and MaxiTrack remote hazard monitoring PC software.

RB21 Sensors are fully compatible with these Maxi-Tronic Controls:

  • MaxiScan 12 and 12M: 12 inputs with independent set-point and output relays. Model 12M includes a motion controller.
  • MTDT24: 24 input scanner for switch and thermocouple sensors, 2 output relays.
  • HB/RB: 8 or 16 switch or PTC Thermistor inputs w/status indicators and 1 output relay.
  • PLC: Easily connects to PLCs.