EZMount™ Motion Sensor

Monitor Your Equipment, Anytime, Anywhere

EZMount™ Shaft Mount Motion Sensor

Maxi-Tronic EZMount motion sensor simplifies sensor placement on your bucket elevators, drag conveyors, screw conveyors, and other rotating equipment.

Combine with the MaxiScanTM 12M or MT600 Motion Controllers to provide under-speed detection with dual-setpoint 10% and 20% slowdown relay outputs, large digital speed display, and highly visible alarm indicators.


EZMount™ in action

Easy to install motion sensor for Maxi-Tronic MaxiScan 12M, MT600 and other motion control systems.

All-in-One design with sensor, housing, magnetic mount, conduit fitting, cable, and anti-rotation strap in one compact unit.

Totally enclosed for increased personal safety and
lower maintenance.

  • Low voltage and high voltage models
  • Magnetic mount option
  • Replaceable sensors: many types available
  • Easily add and remove targets
  • All-in-one compact design
  • Safe, fully enclosed target assembly
  • Low maintenance
  • MaxiScan 12M and MT600 Controller compatible

Which one do I need?

Which Motion Sensor Do I need?
EZMount™ EZMount™ 21 EZ 521 EZ RPM EZ DM


The EZ RPM is a basic pulse sensor to provide RPM signal for PLC, Modbus or MaxiScan 24+. Appearance and mounting are the same as other EZ devices.


The EZ DM is a digital RPM sensor used in combination with a DigiMax hazard monitoring system. The appearance and mounting are the same as other EZ products.