Digital Hazard Monitor and Controller

Temperature, underspeed motion, belt alignment, plugged chute with 1-Wire technology

DigiMax™ is Maxi-Tronic’s state-of-the-art digital hazard monitoring system for your materials handling facility. DigiMax uses a 1-Wire® sensor technology to connect all sensors in facility using a single CAT6 cable. †

The DC1 Digital Controller is the heart of the DigiMax system and features a UL/CSA/FM approved, integrated Intrinsically Safe Barrier for sensor installation in Class II, Div. 1 Groups F and G hazardous locations.

DS1 Digital Splitters allow easy connection of bearing, temperature, belt misalignment, motion and other sensors to the DigiMax network. Sensors are automatically detected for fast setup, and faulty sensors are automatically disconnected from the network.

DigiMax in Action

Easy to install using a single CAT5 cable and pluggable screw terminals. Conduit is not required for Intrinsically Safe installations.

Easy to setup and configure with LED status indicators. Automatically detects sensors for fast setup.

Combine with the MaxiTrack software.  MaxiScan 24 Controller or PLC for a complete hazard monitoring system.

  • Accurate 1-Wire® sensor technology †
  • Automatic system diagnostics
  • All sensors connect to a single CAT5 cable
  • Plug-in terminals for easy installation
  • Radio compatible for remote monitoring
  • MaxiScan 24 and MaxiTrack PC software compatible
  • Modbus RTU (RS-485) output for PLC connectivity
  • UL/CSA/FM approved Intrinsically Safe Barrier

The DC1 has the most advanced features in the industry:

  • Each DC1 Controller (63 max.) supports up to 32 sensors on the DigiMax sensor network.
  • UL/CSA/FM approved Intrinsically Safe Barrier.
  • Class II, Div. 1 approved installation when installed using Intrinsically Safe wiring practices.
  • Automatic system diagnostics at power-up.
  • LED Indicators for: Incoming Power, Data, RS-485 Communications, Outgoing Power, 1W Activity, Status.
  • Modbus RTU data output for PLC, MaxiScan 24 and MaxiTrack PC software interfacing.

The DS1 Splitter for installation ease and system health:

  • Detects and locks out malfunctioning sensors.
  • Each DS1 supports 6 sensors and provides 2 additional network branch outputs.
  • Intrinsically Safe “Simple Apparatus” for Div. 1 installation.

The DigiMax Digital Sensors are durable and accurate:

  • Multiple levels of surge protection in each sensor.
  • 10-foot [3m] cable is standard.
  • Intrinsically Safe “Simple Apparatus” for Div. 1 installation.

† 1-Wire® is a registered trademark of Maxim Integrated Products, Inc.